Fast Food Restaurants

fast food restaurants

So you’re on a trip here in Israel, and you’re craving something familiar to eat…

…not to worry, you can get your fast food fix here!

Israel is home to many fast food franchises, for better or for worse, and is popular with locals and tourists alike. Fast food restaurants are found in shopping malls as well in city centers, and next to gas stations on the highways.

Popular fast food establishments include McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Sbarros, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. As at other McDonald's around the world, some of the offerings are customized to the local culture, offering a version of an Israeli salad.

Local Fast Food Places
Local fast food joints include Burger Ranch, which is kosher. There are also small eateries (at the shopping malls’ food courts) offering Japanese food, Chinese food, Italian food, falafel, pizza, ice cream...

Classic Israeli Fast Food
The typical Israeli fast food is found in the street-side eateries for falafel, shwarma, and sabih. These ubiquitous eating places offer economical and delicious options for a quick meal.

When you’re ready for a great sit-down meal, check out these top restaurants in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, the north, the center, the south, and Eilat!

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