Hanukkah Recipes

To remember and celebrate the miracle of the oil, Hanukkah food is cooked or fried in oil. This is represented by the classic Hanukkah foods: jelly doughnuts (soofganiyot) and potato pancakes (latkes, or levivot in Hebrew).

However, there are many variations of Hanukkah doughnuts and latkes. In Israel, it is common to see beautifully decorated soofganiyot with all types of tasty fillings, such as chocolate and cream. You can also find latke recipes that use different vegetables, nuts, cheeses and herbs.

Here are some Hanukkah recipes to try at home!

Soofganiyot / Doughnut Recipes
Jelly Donut Recipe
Mini Doughnuts Recipe
Baked Doughnuts Recipe
Tips for decorating and filling doughnuts

Latke / Potato Pancake Recipes
Classic potato pancakes
Sweet potato pancakes
Latkes with pumpkin and quinoa
Latkes with spinach, parmesan and almonds

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