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When you think about Israel, food is probably not the first thing to come to mind. Amazing holy places, world class museums, beautiful beaches …

But food? Aside from hummus and falafel, many people draw a blank when it comes to Israeli food. What do Israelis eat? What kind of foods and cuisines are there in Israel?

The short answer is…in Israel, food is global.
(The long answer is explored throughout this website!)

At Israel Food Guide, we think that learning about food in Israel is one of the best (and tastiest!) ways to understand the country’s culture and people, and to appreciate its incredible diversity.

Learn about The Search for Israeli Cuisine

Diverse Communities with Delicious Cuisines

The majority of Israelis hail from all four corners of the world – and they brought their countries’ food traditions with them. So in a country roughly the size of New Jersey, you can find a wide range of cuisines, including:

  • Middle Eastern dishes from Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Lebanon
  • North African foods from Morocco and Libya
  • Mediterranean fare from Greece and Turkey
  • Balkan dishes from Bulgaria and Romania
  • European cooking from Germany, Russia, Poland and Hungary
  • Yemenite, Indian, Ethiopian, Druze, Arab Israeli, and Bedouin foods
  • Asian and American dishes can also be enjoyed in Israel!

What You Can Find at Israel Food Guide

Whether you’re simply curious about Israel, planning a trip, or reminiscing from a recent visit - you’ve come to the right place to:

  • Discover popular food eaten in Israel
  • Get tasty Israeli recipes to try at home
  • Learn about the origins of Israeli food
  • Find out about restaurants
  • Explore Israel’s diverse culture

Israel Food Guide is a labor of love to share a part of this country that warms both hearts and bellies: its great food!

B’shalom and b’teyavon!
(In peace and in good appetite!)

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