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Golan Heights

This list for fine dining in northern Israel comes from Al Hashulchan magazine’s 2009 Guide to the Top Restaurants in Israel, December 2008.

Restaurants given honorable mention (“HM”) are included, since there are fewer top-rated restaurants in the north.

(Sometimes Israeli restaurants change their hours (or close!) in tough economic times, so we recommend you call ahead to confirm hours of operation, and to make reservations if necessary.)

Note that kosher restaurants are not open during the Jewish Sabbath (Friday evening and Sat. until after sundown).

Golan Heights-- Upper Galilee-- Sea of Galilee--Western Galilee

Golan Heights Restaurants

Kedirat Hamachshafah v’haHelban – Rustic
Nimrod. 04-687-0049. Open daily.

HM: Meat Shos – Meat
Katzrin, Industrial area. 04-696-3334.

Upper Galilee Restaurants

Hatachanah – Meat
1 Harishonim St. 04-694-4810. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

HM: Beit Shalom – Café/Restaurant
28 Harishonim St. 04-694-0767.

Kiryat Shemona
Focaccia Bar – Italian
Gan Hatzafon, on the Kiryat Shemona – Kibbutzim road. 04-690-4474. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Rosh Pina
Muskat – Chef restaurant, Mediterranean
Mizpeh Hayamim Hotel. 04-699-4523. Chef Haim Tibi. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Shiri Bistro (Pina B’rosh) – Bistro
8 Hahalutzim St. 04-693-7028. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

HM: Macaroni and Grill – Meat, Bistro
Galil Center. 04-680-1592.

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Sea of Galilee Restaurants

Rotenberg – Chef Restaurant, Seafood
Next to Kibbutz Gesher. 04-675-2237. Chef Ron Sagi. Open Sun evenings, Mon-Sat afternoons-evenings.

HM: Betty v’ Nachi – Bistro
Ramot. 04-673-2889.

HM: Decks – Meat, kosher
Tiberias. Lido beach. 04-672-1538.

HM: Guy – Homestyle cooking, kosher
Tiberias. Galil center, next to Hotel Panorama. 04-672-1973.

HM: Katzeh Hanachal – Lebanese
Gas station at the entrance to Kibbutz Ginosar. 04-671-7776.

HM: Roberg – Chef Restaurant, kosher
Livnim. 04-671-5656.

HM: Tzel Tamar – Meat, rustic
Entrance to Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov Eihud. 04-675-6688.

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Western Galilee Restaurants

Adelina – Mediterranean
Kibbutz Cabri, near Nahariya hospital. 04-952-3707. Open Mon-Sat afternoons-evenings.

Aluma – Bistro
Tarshiha-Kfar Vradim Rd., Ma'alot-Tarshiha. 04-957-4477. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Ida’s Restaurant – Bistro
48 Haga'aton Blvd, Nahariya. 04-951-3444. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Morganfeld Steakhouse - kosher
Moshav Liman. 04-952-4333. Open Sun-Thurs afternoons-evenings, Fri afternoons, Sat. after Shabbat.

Uri Buri – Fish and Seafood
Hahaganah St., Akko. 04-955-2212. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

HM: Ha’arazim– Lebanese
36 Harav Uziel St., Shlomi. 04-987-5392.

HM: La Crêpe Jacob Teva Ez – French
Moshav Ben Ami. 04-952-0299. (The homemade bread served here is baked by my friend’s sister Noa. They grew up on this moshav.)

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