Israeli Restaurants

The restaurant scene in Israel is a thriving and exciting part of Israeli culture. Israeli restaurants cover a broad spectrum of cuisines, reflecting…

… the diverse origins of many Israelis…

… the local food traditions…

…and the increasingly sophisticated and global tastes of the Israeli public as more people travel abroad for business and pleasure.

New Israeli cuisine?

There is some argument over whether such a thing as Israeli cuisine exists. We’ll leave that debate to the experts, and in the meantime, we suggest you try “new Israeli cuisine” at one of Israel’s gourmet restaurants.

These restaurants, known as "chef restaurants", offer a new style of Israeli food. Many of these chefs trained in top restaurants abroad, then brought their talents back to Israel where they fuse what they learned with local flavors and ingredients, creating something new altogether.

Where to eat

Whether you’re looking for a casual meal or an elegant dining experience, you can find it all in Israel. The question of course, is where to go eat!

There are many good restaurants to be found throughout the country, but most of the top restaurants are located in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The center region also has its share of high-caliber offerings.

You can also find fine restaurants in the Haifa area, as well as in the northern area of the country, across the Galilee and the Golan Heights. There are several quality dining options in the south, and Eilat has some excellent restaurants as well.

Prefer to eat vegetarian? Quite a few restaurants in Israel are vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly. If you eat dairy, any kosher dairy restaurant (they serve no meat whatsoever) will be a good option.

Be sure to try one of these restaurants if breakfast is your favorite meal of the day. And if you’re craving some junky fast food, not to worry, you can get that here as well.

No dress code

Generally speaking, Israeli culture is casual. When dining out, you may choose to dress up as a matter of personal preference...

...but you won't be turned away from top restaurants if you show up in casual clothes. There’s no such thing as “jacket and tie required” or “no jeans and sneakers allowed” in Israeli restaurants.

Smoking permitted

While most establishments are smoke-free, some restaurants and cafes do have separate smoking sections. Many Israelis smoke, and smoking is allowed in places with outdoor seating.

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