Shakshooka is a dish that came to Israel via Jews that emigrated from the Maghreb, the North African countries of Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia.

Today, it is probably the quintessential dish of the Israeli home kitchen, made by Israelis from every background.


It's easy to get creative and inventive when making this meal, and Israelis can get into passionate arguments over the “right” way to make it, or who has the best recipe.

What everyone can agree on (for the most part!) is that it is made with eggs and tomatoes, and is spicy. It’s common to include vegetables (onions or peppers or potatoes etc.), and some folks also make it with meat.

In addition to being an easy dish to make at home, Israeli cafés and restaurants serve it as part of a breakfast menu, sometimes offering it all day. If you’re staying in a large hotel you will likely also see it at the breakfast buffet.

One of the most popular places to try it is at Dr. Shakshuka's in Jaffa.

Be sure to try this popular meal on your next visit to Israel, or look for it in Israeli restaurants abroad!

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