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One can easily argue that Tel Aviv is the gastronomic center of Israel.

In addition to a bustling outdoor market (Carmel shuk), cooking schools, several natural food stores, and cafés and eateries too numerous to count, Tel Aviv boasts the most top-ranked restaurants in Israel.

This list for fine dining in Tel Aviv comes from Al Hashulchan magazine’s 2009 Guide to the Top Restaurants in Israel, December 2008.

(Sometimes Israeli restaurants change their hours (or close!) in tough economic times, so we recommend you call ahead to confirm hours of operation, and to make reservations if necessary.)

Note that kosher restaurants are not open during the Jewish Sabbath (Friday evening and Saturday until after sundown).

Asian-- Bistro-- Chef--Fish and Seafood--French--Italian--Japanese--Meat--Spanish

Asian Tel Aviv Restaurants

Giraffe’s Officers Club
21 Ha’arba’ah St. 03-685-1155. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Sushi Samba
27 Habarzel St. Ramat HaChayal. 03-644-4345. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Thailand House (Beit Thailandi)
8 Bograshov St. 03-517-8568. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

96 Yigal Alon St. 03-624-0044. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Bistro Tel Aviv Restaurants

226 Ben Yehuda St. 03-605-0896. Open Mon-Sat, afternoons-evenings.

18 Lilinblum St. 03-516-5198. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Bariba kosher
Northern Tel Aviv Port. 03-602-5026. Open Sun-Thurs and Friday until Shabbat begins.

Benjamin Siegal
1 Allenby, Opera House building, Samuel Herbert promenade (“tayelet”). 03-516-6224. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Brasserie M&R
70 Ibn Gvirol St.(opposite Rabin square-“kikar Rabin”) 03-696-7111. Open daily, 24 hours.

Café Noir
43 Ahad HaAm. 03-566-3018. Open daily.

3 Rabbi Hanina St., Jaffa flea market. 03-682-8843. Open Mon-Sat afternoon and eves.

Coffee Bar
13 Yad Harutzim. 03-688-9696. Open daily.

10 Shavazi St. (next to the Suzanne Dallal Center), Neve Tzedek. 03-510-9292. Open daily 9am – 1am, kitchen closes at 11pm.

4 Hashomer, Carmel Shuk. 03-516-9234. Open Sun-Fri. Holds an oyster festival the first Friday of each month in the winter, 9 NIS per oyster.

Herbert Samuel
6 Kaufman St., Beit Gibor. 03-516-6516. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Hotel Montefiore
36 Montefiore St. 03-564-6100. Open daily. Reservations must be ordered well in advance.

Joz V’Luz
51 Yehuda Halevi St. 03-560-6385. Open Sun – Thurs afternoon – night.

Orna and Ella
33 Sheinkin St. 03-620-4753. Open daily.

Segev Express
38 Habarzel St., Ramat HaChayal. 077-414-2025. Open daily afternoon-night.

8 Hamelachah St. 03-561-5121. Open daily, 24 hours.

6 Tchernikovsky
5 Tchernikovsky St. (yes, that’s the correct address). 03-620-8729. Open Sun and Sat afternoons, Mon-Fri afternoons and evenings.

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Chef Restaurants

Carmela B’Nahala
46 Hatabor St, Nahalat Binyamin. 03-516-1417. Chef Daniel Zach. Open daily.

4 Heychal Hatalmud. 03-510-7001. Chef Meir Adoni. Open Sun-Sat afternoons-evenings.

19 Ha’arba’a St. 03-685-6859. Chef Aviv Moshe. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Mul Yam
Hangar 24 in Namal Tel Aviv. 03-546-9920. Chef Yoram Nitzan. Open daily. This is probably Israel’s most expensive restaurant.

87 Hayarkon St. 03-522-6464. Chef Rafi Cohen. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

8 Ma’avar Yabuk. 052-703-5888. Chef Eyal Shani. Open Wed and Thurs evenings.

4 Berkovich St. 03-693-5151. Chef Yaron Shelo. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

The 11th Floor kosher
Azrieli Towers, Crown Plaza City Center Hotel. 03-777-4067. Chef Eitan Mizrahi. Open Sunday-Thurs, Friday morning and afternoon.

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Fish and Seafood Restaurants

Daka kosher
10 Hatasiya St. 03-562-9900. Open Sun-Thurs afternoons-evenings.

171 Dizengoff St. 057-222-3333. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Manta Ray
Alma Beach, near Dan Panorama hotel in Jaffa. 03-517-4773. Open daily.

Margaret Tayar
8 Retsif Haaliyah Hashniya St., Jaffa. 03-682-4741. Open Mon-Sat. afternoons-evenings.

182 Ben Yehuda St. 03-522-1224. Open Sun-Thurs evenings, Fri-Sat afternoon–evenings.

6 Herzl Rozenblum St. 03-699-6306. Open daily.

73 Rokach
73 Rokach St. 03-744-8844. Open daily.

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French Tel Aviv Restaurants

Chez Romy
10 Herzl St. 03-517-5474. Open Mon-Thurs 12pm-12am, Fri from 6pm , Sat from 12:30pm.

6 Hashachar St. 03-510-5204. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Yoezer Wine Bar
2 Yoezer St. Clock Square, Jaffa. 03-683-9115. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

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Italian Tel Aviv Restaurants

Amore Mio
100 Ibn Gvirol St. 03-524-4040. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

71 Rotschild Blvd. 03-620-5051. Open Mon-Sat all day, Sun evenings.

Cucina Tamar
10 Hatsfira St. 03-639-0407. Open Mon-Fri, evenings, Sat. afternoon–evening.

Mel and Michelle
155 Ben Yehuda St. 03-529-3232. Open Sun–Thurs, evenings, Friday afternoon and evenings.

26 Nachmani St. 03-566-0915. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Radio Rosco
97 Allenby St. (in the courtyard). 03-560-0334. Open daily afternoosn-evenings.

24 Raul Wallenberg, Ramat HaChayal. 03-647-0247. Open Sun-Fri.

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Japanese Tel Aviv Restaurants

79 King George St. 03-612-2900. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

19 Rothschild Blvd. 03-517-5171. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Meat Tel Aviv Restaurants

6 Ahad Ha’am St. 03-516-7888. Open Sun-Thurs evenings, Fri –Sat afternoons-evenings.

Hudson Brasserie
27 Habarzel St., Ramat Hachayal. 03-644-4733. Open Sun – Thurs, Sat afternoons-evenings, Fri all day.

Makom Shel Basar
64 Shavazi St., Neve Tzedek. 03-510-4020. Open Mon-Sat afternoons-evenings.

Meat Bar
52 Chen Blvd. 03-695-6276. Open daily afternoons-evenings.

Spanish Tel Aviv Restaurants

16 Ha’arba’ah St. 03-624-0484. Open daily after 7pm.

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